LodgeMaster Access

The Order of the Arrow uses LodgeMaster to manage membership data and many functions of the lodge. You can learn more about LodgeMaster on the OA LodgeMaster website.

To get access to LodgeMaster:

Step 1: Get the approval of your area or lodge adviser that the use of LodgeMaster is appropriate for your position

If you’re not sure who that adviser is, talk to your own adviser and they should be able to help you find them.

NOTE: You need to be 13 years old or older to use LodgeMaster. If you are not yet 13 you will need to have your adviser access on your behalf.

Step 2: Complete the LodgeMaster Privacy Agreement.

Download this and fill it out:

  • If you have a program that allows you to digitally sign it, feel free to use that. The following apps are known to be capable of that but will require some setup (there are probably others)
  • Otherwise, print it out, fill in the bottom section, and sign on the appropriate signature lines. To get it back into your computer, you can:
    • Scan it, If you have a scanner.
    • You can also take a photograph of it with a phone or digital camera:
      • Use portrait mode (picture is taller than it is wide)
      • Line up the paper as square as possible to your camera view and as large as possible in the image without cutting the edges off.
      • Try to get as few shadows as possible in the image.

Step 3: Submit a support ticket requesting access

Submitting a support ticket will prevent your request from getting lost.

You will be able to upload your signed LodgeMaster Privacy Agreement on the ticket form.

Submit a Support Ticket (link will open in a new window or tab)

Step 4: Sign up for and complete a training class

Please register by following one of the links below to get the Zoom invitation link sent to you.

Upcoming trainings:

  • No events currently scheduled.

Step 5: Get access!

Once all of the first four steps are complete, then your access will be granted and credentials will be issued.