The Mishigami Ceremonies Committee is dedicated to providing the best induction experience to new members coming into our lodge. We do this by working with the local Chippewa/Ojibwa nation to create accurate and impactful regalia. We host events for lodge members to help develop our ceremonies in their areas. We work on providing recourses to lodge members to help them better understand and use ceremonies correctly and effectively. The Mishigami Ceremonies Committee is NOT responsible creating ceremonies teams or conducting ceremonies. Each area is responsible for their own inductions processes, the lodge level committee is here to provide resources and assistance to the areas which do the actual ceremonies and inductions.

We primarily get our information for regalia from our American Indian Advisor, Michael Tracy. He is a fourth level medicine man in the Chippewa/ Ojibwa Nation as well as a Vigil Honor Member of the OA. We work directly with Mr. Tracy to understand how to make our regalia historically accurate to the 1740-1765 time period of Chippewa/ Ojibwa Regalia.


Ceremony Scripts (Some are password protected)

2022 Ceremonies Workshop