Transfer membership from another lodge

This also includes reactivating members from any of Mishigami Lodge’s predecessor lodges who were last active members prior to 2012. If you were last active in Mishigami Lodge or one of its predecessor lodges more recently than 2012, you can reactivate simply by paying your dues.

Thanks for your interest in Mishigami Lodge!

To join the lodge, you must already be a member of a Scouting unit or district within Michigan Crossroads Council, or a member or employee of Michigan Crossroads Council.  If you haven’t registered with a local unit, district, or council, yet, please do that first, then come back here once you get your new member ID.

The information requested below is needed to get you registered with our lodge.  Once you submit this form, we will verify your BSA Membership and request your records from your previous lodge. We will then email you a link to pay your initial dues to Mishigami Lodge and get you in contact with your local chapter so you can get involved.

    Transfer Process Contact Info

    Enter the name and email of the person who will receive communication about the transfer/reactivation process. This is who we will contact if we have questions, and who will be notified of the progress of the transfer.

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    Information About the Person Transferring/Reactivating

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    Last Name

    Suffix (Sr., Jr., III, etc, leave blank for none)

    Preferred Name/Nickname, if different than Legal First Name

    BSA Member ID (if you just transfered here, this needs to be your new one that was assigned by Michigan Crossroads Council after you transferred)

    Email Address (if 13 or older)

    Parent Email Address (if under 18)

    Home Phone Number

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    Street Address

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    Birthdate (YYYY-MM-DD)

    Previous Lodge or Council where you were last registered in the Order of the Arrow:

    For the following dates, if it was more than 5 years ago and you don't know the exact date, just pick a random date in the correct year.

    Ordeal Date (YYYY-MM-DD)

    Ordeal Lodge or Council

    Brotherhood Date, if a Brotherhood member (YYYY-MM-DD)

    Brotherhood Lodge or Council

    Vigil Date, if you've received the Vigil Honor (YYYY-MM-DD)

    Vigil Lodge or Council

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    Any additional comments or information you want to share with us (optional)